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Water Platform

Located 600 feet (182 metres) above sea level, this stunning outdoor water platform is just one of the many features that draw photographers from around the world to Calvert’s studio complex in Malaga, Spain. Like all three of the facility’s platforms, the water platform is set in the stunning surroundings of picturesque blue skies, rolling hilltops and plentiful sunshine that the area offers. Thanks to the carefully chosen location, the climate promises users of the Spanish Studio around 300 good weather days a year, perfect for achieving beautiful daytime photography.

The water platform measures 35 metres x 15 metres, with the water at a depth of 50mm, a ‘level’ concrete construction. It offers the perfect combination of an infinity pool, an open air location and uncompromised lighting, which has proved to be a winning formula for eye-catching and dramatic images. It is easy to access as part of the wider studio complex and has accommodated photography or film crews of wide-ranging sizes and with an array of different end goals

The platform has provided unrivalled special effects possibilities for the many photographers, manufacturers and brands that have flocked to take advantage of the opportunity on offer. The mirror effect between the object and the water’s surface has proved especially popular with car manufacturers looking to showcase their latest models to the world. However, the water platform is popular for promoting just about any product and has been used for fashion, technology and the photography of smaller products in addition to music videos. For further inspiration on what can be achieved using the platform, we have a selection of images for you to view demonstrating the possibilities.

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