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Studio Photography

How a potential customer perceives the trustworthiness of your brand and the value of your products is so often based around the quality of your visual presentation. This means that getting the product photography just right can be the difference between successful selling and failure. Calvert’s professional photography studios for hire have the exact set up you will require and an expert team that will help you to produce enticing imagery for your products. We regularly host clients who require product photography for magazines, brochures, catalogues and e-commerce sites and have helped them produce clean, crisp images that have grabbed the attention of customers and driven sales. Simply put, if you require the perfect environment in which you can produce high-end, tantalising product photography, Calvert Studios are exactly what you need.

Our UK studios boast a number of different types and size of studio environment, so you can hire the one that is ideal for your purposes and pocket. The variety of coved studios we offer means that we have worked with clients to produce product photographs for a wide range of subjects, from vehicles, bikes and cars all the way down to items of furniture, handheld gadgets, technology and clothing. Our studio team will also be on hand to help you to produce the high-quality results that each client expects. Crucially, we help every client to find a set up that is perfect for their brand and their products to ensure outstanding commercial product photographs. With experienced lighting specialists, assistants and even award-winning photographers at your disposal, we are confident that we can provide you with the right studio environment to produce eye-catching product photography.

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