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Bike Photography

Need an excellent, professional photography studio to hire for bike photography? Whether it’s a vintage motorbike or a prototype bicycle, Calvert’s UK studios can help you to take the sort of professional, high quality shots that will meet the demands of your project. We have years of experience providing the perfect studio space for bike photography, particularly with an emphasis on photographs for magazines, brochures and for online purchasing/e-commerce. Whether you are after that clean, studio look to showcase your bike or a range of bikes for potential buyers, or perhaps you are after something a little more conceptual for posters, brochures or a publication for bike enthusiasts, we can provide you with the tools you will need to get the highest quality results during your time at our studios.

At Calvert Studios, we know your studio rental time is not just about getting a photograph of your bike – it’s so much more than that. It’s about presenting the quality of the bike, the personality of the brand and everything that makes your motorbike or push bike unique in a way that is visually exciting. By renting our UK studios, you will have access to the perfect space, expertise and lighting so that the best bike photography possible can be produced.

What’s more, if you need them, you will have full access to our experienced team who have just about seen it all over the years when it comes to getting stunning shots of bikes. We have lighting specialists, assistants and even award-winning photographers on hand to help you to get the results you need. Working with them, you can experiment to figure out what works best for you, your project and your bike while always ensuring the beautiful lines, intricate components and stunning designs are demonstrated at their most spectacular.

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