Calvert Studios Spain

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Lower Platform

Calvert’s Spanish studio complex incorporates a specially constructed platform at a height of 250 feet (76 metres) above sea level. As the lowest of three platforms, this level is ideal for still photography, videography and large scale film and set-building work. Like all three platforms, it is set against a stunning backdrop of dramatic hilltops and panoramic skies. The Southern European location and the mountains which surround Cartama are also essential as it enjoys 300 good weather days every year, providing extra peace of mind that the photographic effect desired can be achieved during your time at the studio complex.

The platform has been constructed within a completely bespoke 120 x 120 metre area of land, ensuring ample space to set up and get the shots you need. The platform comprises different surfaces to ensure that you can work with maximum flexibility and versatility. It offers a choice of 50 x 50 metres of tarmac or a set-built salt flat / desert / snow area, measuring 50 x 85 metres. Both surfaces have proved especially popular with car manufacturers and a wide variety of effects from the spectacular to the dramatic have been achieved on our lower platform. You will be able to get a taste of what you can achieve on both surfaces by taking a look at some of our photographs taken from the lower platform.

In practical terms, a 10 kW power supply is also included on site, so any electrical equipment can be operated as necessary. The platform can be accessed conveniently even with any set-building equipment and additional vehicles that are required for the day of photography.

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