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Calvert Studios Spain

Los Estudios De Calvert Espana SL

Calvert Studios has produced photography for use at the heart of successful global advertising campaigns on behalf of many of the world’s leading car manufacturers at its UK studios. Alongside this success, Calvert Studios also earned an enviable reputation for the quality of its work with many of the world’s most iconic fashion houses and sportswear manufacturers.

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Design & Development

Following growing recognition in these industries, years of steady expansion, and the outstanding success of its UK studios, Calvert Studios took the decision to invest in creating a state-of-the-art studio complex in Spain. The result was the design and development of a unique photographic facility that would benefit from the excellent natural beauty and light offered by southern Europe. Extensive investigation identified an ideal location in Cartama, Andalusia, just 8 kilometres from Malaga airport. Easily accessible by road and air, the site today spans over 400 acres.

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Secure location

Apart from the excellent climate and superb light, which is of course required for successful outdoor photography, the site is naturally secluded thanks to its altitude and mountains to the north and south. This provides a secure location that is easy for security guards to monitor and helps to guarantee the confidentiality of clients products prior to official launches. This has been crucial to the success of the studios and is one of the most important features of Cartama as a location. The surrounding mountains also create a microclimate, which provides over 300 good weather days per year. This means that Cartama often enjoys perfect weather while the coast is under cloud cover or sea mist.

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One of a kind

Los Estudios De Calvert Espana SL (Calvert’s Spain Studio) has developed an excellent reputation as the home of an extremely advanced and successful photographic facility. In fact, it is the only facility of its type and scale in the whole of Europe and possibly the world. The key features of the facility are its three platforms at various heights on the mountain range, which have all been used with spectacular results in a wide variety of projects, in addition to a huge daylight studio.

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Studios & Platforms

Clients can also take advantage of a small indoor studio, 4km of off-road tracks and carriageway roads that are under construction for the secret filming of prototype vehicles. Add to that a new, modern, spacious, designer-built house with infinity pool which is suitable for fashion, products and cars, you have a very exclusive complex indeed, for use by clients from around the world. To top it all off, the complex boasts a 20 bedroom accommodation facility, bars, and terraces next to a sizable pool, which makes it the ideal location for large crews to stay while they work on their projects. Calvert’s will also arrange for outside catering companies for larger film crews or all-night shoots, to ensure you get the best possible experience during your time at Cartama.

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The friendliness of the local Spanish population continues to be a marvellous attraction to our Spanish site. Many locals have been employed during building works and in various hospitality roles, including catering, cleaning and maintenance positions. Furthermore, all the local shops, bars, restaurants and hotels have warmly welcomed the introduction of the studios. In return, Calvert has been actively contributing not only to the local economy, but also to the environment. Through on-going maintenance of the area and the cultivation of 2000 olive trees, 4000 almond trees and the planting of an additional 4000 palm and citrus trees, Calvert Studios enthusiastically work towards complementing the continual landscaping work being undertaken to enhance the natural beauty of the immediate surroundings.

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