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Top Platform

At 900 feet (274 metres) above sea level, taking photography or video to our Spanish Studio complex’s top platform is like being on top of the world. Like all three of the facility’s platforms, the top platform is set against a spectacular background of hilltops and a sea of blue skies and sunshine thanks to the area’s climate. In fact, the location of Calvert’s Spanish Studio means it enjoys around 300 good weather days every year, so picturesque daylight photography is easy to achieve.

The top platform measures 18 metres x 35 metres, which has provided ample space to set up and compose the perfect setting for a variety of different purposes for our past visitors to our Spanish studios. The platform is especially popular with car manufacturers looking to achieve the sort of aspirational shots of their latest models that will immediately draw the eye of a prospective buyer. When flooded with the bright sunshine of the daytime, photographers can really showcase the best that their subject has to offer. Alternatively, when set against the dramatic, natural beauty of the rising or setting sun, some visually breathtaking effects can be achieved against the canvas of those magnificent Spanish surroundings.

A further 1 metre high ramp takes you up to the final level of the top platform. Walkways surround the platform and provide valuable access when composing every photograph. A 10 kW power supply is also included on site, so any electrical equipment can be operated as necessary. For an idea of the sort of visually stunning photography that can be achieved from the top platform, we have a selection of images for you to view for inspiration.

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